Intelligence Is….

So, right away this got me thinking but what really is intelligence. Well, the Oxford Dictionary defines intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Some synonyms include: reasoning, judgment, understanding, and comprehension, but each of those words has a different definition than the next. So really what is intelligence and who is it? This led me to further start thinking about other terms that are used throughout a person’s educational career. Being smart is defined having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. Why does this all matter and what does it have to do with anything?

Even with a direct definition how does one determine of they are intelligent. Is it with good grades? If so what is considered a good grade? Overall there is just so much to think about when trying to figure out if someone is intelligent.

Isaac Asimov does a really good job at describing his ideas of intelligence and I think I would have to agree with a lot of the points he made. There are plenty of uneducated people who make and do a lot with their lives and live them to the fullest. While there are other people that can be so well educated yet they seem to have the biggest brain farts.

I knew this one girl, she was at the top of her class, and anyways she was super smart. One day we went hiking and as we got onto the hiking grounds they gave us a paper map. Now fast forward some time and we are about half way through the trail, she pulls out the map and stares with a puzzled look on her face till she asks me “where is the you are here star?” I just shook my head a little till she finally understood what she had asked me.

I feel like that scenario can be related to the joke/ riddle that the auto-repair man told to Asimov. In my story she may have been intelligent but her reasoning at that particular moment was not at its highest.

There are so many things to think that come incased in the term intelligence. In general the term intelligence has no relevance to anything. Even when a person is intelligence there is no guarantee of no brain farts; sometimes street smarts can be more useful then book smarts that only prepare you for exact scenarios.


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