Fitting in Is Hard


At one point or another everyone feels different or left out for one reason or another. Sherman Alexis tells the story of Victor, an Indian, who experiences the feeling of being different his whole life; this feeling seems to continue throughout his life. He manages to not let it push him down and continues pushing through.

Since as long as I can remember there was always this social mean that needed to be met. I personally did not fit into a lot or really any of the common ideals of the people I went to school and hung out with. As I grew up I constantly found myself lying to fit into what everyone described as the perfect person. Finally as I grew older it just became too much of a struggle to put up with and I realized it was not really something I had to do. When I finally stopped lying and started being the person I really was it became a lot easier to find my true friends and just have an all around better time with life.

Once I finally starting looking at things through a clearer lens I realized that even the people that I thought fit into the perfect model felt like they did not. Now isn’t that ironic. No matter what anyone does it is hard to fit into what is believed to be the perfect mold of a person because that mold varies from person to person. In other words beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

While Victor does not have issues with beauty in the typical sense people do have problems with his hair and other looks and stereotype him in many different ways. Each year hold more and more stereotypes that he fights through making him grow stronger. This is a lesson that should be taught globally; letting stereotypes help and negative things build you not break.

Everyone has a struggle they face at one point in their lives and for most people it is more than once in a lifetime. The constant struggle to fit in weather it be to change looks, smarts, athletic skills, or anything else there is no one who feels like they are perfect because of the pressure that is put on society by media, family, friends, and the rest of society. The social means are unrealistic and should be eliminated from the world.


One comment

  1. madelinepeterson · April 29, 2015

    I enjoyed your blog post. I like how you used a personal experience. I think we all feel inferior and struggle to “fit in” at times.


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