Speaking Freely

Throughout the world people speak different language and grow up in different environments. Some people learn French, Bulgarian, Sign Language, Spanish or even English; no matter what the language or the environment it become someone’s identity. Even throughout these different languages there different dialects such as American Sign Language, slang from each language, and throughout Spanish there are all the other dialects that Anzaluda mentioned plus so much more and this can be true of many other languages as well. This identity influences people’s decisions and their lives as a whole. While there are millions of people who can identify in a certain group Gloria Anzaluda tells of a group who can never identify themselves and who are always told what not to do. She was on the cusp of two identities and for some reason everyone interpreted it as wrong.

Why is that anything that is different is considered wrong to society? In reality nothing is exactly the same as the example that is set to be followed. Gloria speaks a different language and yet everyone thinks its wrong; Mexicans and Americans along with many others who have been forced to conform to the norms of America find it hard to accept different things. It is kind of ironic isn’t it that America was once thought to be a place for people to chose and be free and yet now everyone must conform to the American standards that nobody fits into. Not only are these standards set for languages like explained in the passage but also for life in general. There are families from around the country who have to hide their language and true colors because it is not widely accepted. It makes people hide everything that they could show in public.This continues to be a problem that no one has addressed until now. It is great to see someone fighting for something everything struggles through no matter where they are born or live.

In conclusion it is just so crazy that it is not accepted to be different in anyway; why is it that that a different language is considered inferior even though in reality it is so different than everything else and should be valued. Different cultures and languages should be embraced and celebrated because it shows something of interest that isn’t just like every other cookie cutter thing. It should be like supply and demand where things should be more valued because there is a low amount of it. Unique cultures need to be appreciated more often.


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