Happiness Can Be Bought

It is often said that happiness cannot be bought, but is this really true? Sometimes I sit in front of a warm fire on cold days and that makes me feel pretty happy and all I have to do is buy the firewood. Other things can be bought that make people feel happy so why is it said that happiness can be bought?

One cold winter morning I walked from building to building wishing I had brought my scarf as I shivered I continued onward trying to get to my destination. When I finally got to the spot where I met my friends every morning I was greeted by all of my friends but also a warm cup from Starbucks, a grande chai tea latte, my favorite winter drink. As I sipped the hot drink happiness swelled through me so, happiness was bough right?


Spring came around and as I walked out to my car I saw something that I knew would ruin my day. My silver beetle covered was inch to inch in pollen. I sneezed the whole drive to the store. As I walked through the isles of target sniffling and sneezing I bumped into an older women who was happy to offer me some Kleenex. She handed me a stack of tissues. I thanked her and went on my way. Well, this made me feel quite happy, but I could have bought some tissues and been happy right?


Summer comes and the weather is unbelievably hot as always. I’m sitting by the pool when I get the sudden craving for a popsicles, not just any popsicle, the kind my grandma used to buy when I was little. I rush to the store and pick one up. I continue my day sitting by the pool and enjoying the popsicle, I’m filled with joy and all I had to do was buy a popsicle. So, I bought happiness.


It doesn’t matter what season it is or who buys what happiness cannot be bought. It is NOT the objects that bring happiness but the generosity of friends, random passerby’s, family, and anyone else that brings happiness. It is the memories associated with the objects that bring happiness, memories of spending time with those you love and those who also love you. As much as people say that they can buy happiness it stands true that you cannot buy happiness no matter how much money you have. No matter how much money you spend you will never e happy with random things it will be things that matter to you that will bring happiness.



One comment

  1. MR2turbo85 · March 31, 2015

    I enjoyed reading your examples. I also agree that happiness cannot be bought and that it’s not the object but whom you share it with.


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