Distraction Free Writing Round 2

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.34.48 PM

This time around was much different than the first time I tried out distraction free writing. Since I didn’t have much success with the first website I used I decided to switch to a different one that might end up being a little more helpful in the long run. This time I also tried to isolate myself from family, friends, pets, phones, TV, and any other distractions to really get into it. This time I used “Write or Die 2”, a website with many different settings to change that help motivate the writing process. You can reward yourself with sounds of happiness or you can motivate yourself with images of spiders and loud sirens that wont go away till you continue writing. Goals can be set for how many words, minuets and words per minuet are needed. You can also change the color of the background and the font to what ever seems more comfortable for yourself. This distraction free writing system was much more effective than the one I tried in part one which was “writer”. While the noises and images were gimmicky at times it was enough to motivate to continue writing. With all the motivations and consequences it helped to get through the writing as quickly as possible. Another cool feature is the statistics it gives you once you finish writing showing how many words you wrote and your average words per minuet (I think this might be a feature you have to buy because once I finished I didn’t see that but still pretty cool). I think this website would be a good way to start writing a rough draft and it would be easy to transfer to a word document for final editing. Something that I noted about this site that I found interesting was that I was using the free version. Personally I liked the free version very much and don’t think it would be worth it buy the full version since this version has so many settings as it is. Another thing I liked about this particular tool was that it was web based and I didn’t have to download anything. Overall this was tool had many positive effects and is a tool I will most likely use at least once more. When I have really bad writers block this will be the first tool I reach for.

If you want to try Write or Die click the link: http://writeordie.com


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