Is Everything That Women Do Sexualized?

Ok, so I immediately knew what I wanted to write after reading this. So, the first thing I wanted to address was how inaccurate ads can be for example advertising can be wrong in thinking that men prefer meat more then women. I went to the trusty Google search bar to find some images of women eating steak and men eating vegetables to show contrast in most advertisements. I expected to find an innocent image but even when I saw women eating meat they were being sexualized. The image below showcases my point.


This was just so baffling to me. I should have really seen it coming since advertisements are the main source of images but when I searched “woman eating steak” I expected to see this:


not the first image. But in order to find this image I had to scroll through many sexualized images. Like honestly I didn’t know there were that many ways for women to seductively eat steak. This reading was so accurate that even when I tried to contradict it I couldn’t.

One reason that was given for meat being masculine was cowboys and that got me thinking well there are cowgirls too so why aren’t they associated with meat and of course I found another sexualized image.


Even this image was PG compared to some of the others.

Now I’m not saying that men don’t get sexualized occasionally but when I searched “sexualized advertisements”, which is such a general term, there were only two men in a sea of half naked women. Two men who were only shirtless while some women were barely covered at all.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.25.19 PM

I then started searching other thing by gender and what I often found was that the female version was usually sexualized and the male was more laid back and focused on happiness. Some examples include cooking and just hanging out.

MEN-COOKING ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

sb10061547ea-001-400x300-300x225      if-youre-blonde

Not only are the advertisements for meat centered on what men want but also, most advertisements in general are male geared. Going even further its not just advertisement that sexualizes women but fashion, music, and many other aspects of life are sexualizing women.

This was my favorite reading so far because it really was something that got me thinking and was something I might read on my free time. It really opened my eyes as to how often women are sexualized even with all the people against it. It is surprising to see that through all the recent feminist views there are still so many companies that don’t let go of objectifying women.


One comment

  1. carmendige · March 25, 2015

    I agree that it was really hard to contradict much from this reading, because the sexualizing of women in these advertisements is so glaring. It seems ridiculous how many “seductive” ways there are for a women to eat steak. Great post and glad you enjoyed the reading!


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