Tweet Tweet

Let me just start by saying it was a long 4 weeks. I was constantly forgetting to tweet something or trying to remember if I had already tweeted something. Being someone who wasn’t previously an active twitter user it was weird to get used to. I’m really not big on any social media actually. I’m just going to answer the questions directly.

  1. It was interesting to using twitter in a classroom environment. It was something way different than I expected. It was often hard to think of something that would relate back to a classroom discussion.
  2. To decide what to tweet was the hardest step. I took into account all the assignments due and the theme of those assignments and typically took inspiration about what to tweet from there.
  3. The audience of tweets played a major in what I tweeted. It played a role in the word choice that I used, the opinions that I shared, and overall it put a big filter about what I would tweet.
  4. I personally didn’t notice a big difference in having a live audience versus writing in a traditional academic environment.
  5. There are many positive things about using Twitter. The biggest being that it got me to think about class outside of class. It was also really interesting to see what other people thought about the class or to get inspiration for writing from hearing others ideas. It also lets people get to know one another a little better when they express their ideas or opinions.
  6. Some of the negative things about this twitter assignment was the daily aspect of it. Another thing that I didn’t like was how hard it was to think of something to tweet.
  7. I will most likely keep my twitter open but I’m not sure if I will be a frequent user. If anything I’ll probably just Internet stalk people with it.
  8. Previously I did have a twitter with a total of 10 tweets, 6 of which were re-tweets. So, I really didn’t do anything different because it was like I never had.

Overall I really enjoyed this interesting way to communicate with other students. I think it would be interesting if every class had its own hashtag to talk through.While it was a little difficult to get used to and to think of things to say it was great hearing about other student’s interactions with the assignments. It was all a little tedious but, in the end worth it to try something new.



  1. MR2turbo85 · March 10, 2015

    I’m also not a big fan of social media.
    I personally rather be enjoying my surroundings and doing different activities than have my face focused on my phone/PC all day.


  2. Jayme(: · March 25, 2015

    The biggest difficulty for me was also trying to figure out what to tweet. I occasionally had to resort to tweeting nonsense that really didn’t allow me to interact with everyone on Twitter. Once I got into the groove of tweeting I realized how simple it was!(:


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