Writing Is Never Distraction Free

Throughout most of my writing career I have been using Microsoft Word and or Pages. I was pretty excited to try something new and different. The website I decided on using was https://writer.bighugelabs.com/welcome .

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.57.43 PM

When I first opened the link a video started playing that showed some typing and made some clicking noises. I thought the clicking would help get me into writing better so I chose this website. When I started typing for myself there actually was’t any clicking which was pretty disappointing, but whatever. The colors were a little to strong for my personal preference. At the bottom of the site it was a little to busy, but there was some good features. Those features could have been concealed to make it more distraction free. I was expecting to be able to make the site full screen and completely get rid of all the distractions on my desktop.

What I did like about this particular website was the feature to save. I don’t know if that was available in all or most websites, but I was happy about it. It also saved directly to my drive on google drive because I registered with my email. I did like the simplistic feel of the site with a black background and green text. I think this would be good for a rough draft or to brainstorm, but for everyday writing it would be a little annoying.

In reality though even if I would have tried a different website there still would have been the tv, Bella (my dog), my phone, Xochitl (my 6 month old sister), and plenty of other distractions. Overall this was a good experience. It is probably not a tool that I will use again. If by chance I do use this tool again I will probably use a different website. When we do part 2 of this assignment I will probably switch to a new site. In conclusion writing is never really distraction free.


One comment

  1. palomatapia · March 4, 2015

    This is exactly how I felt when trying the DFW


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