Guns, Germs, Steel, and a Critical Analysis


People can tell you not to judge a book by its cover, but really who doesn’t. This book cover has so many different layers to analyze. Having already read this book it’s hard to strictly analyze the cover.

The cover of the book tries to give people an insight into what someone is about to read. Typically people into history would pick up this book or in my case a high schooler required to read it for their upcoming AP World History class. Anyone who picks up this book is looking at the cover to get an insight, to do what he or she has been told not to do, judge. The main part of the cover is the picture that shows a Native American man being surrounded by white soldiers then in the corner is a native woman being shielded. Looking past the picture is the title in a bold but simple orange font, a testimonial from the New York Times, and at the bottom a white simple background for the author.

The image suggests that the plot of the book will be about white people bringing down native people. The testimonial suggests that it is well written and interesting because they use a testimonial from a reliable source such as the New York Times. The one woman in the corner does look a little younger than the rest of the people. She is constructed in a way that portrays fear and worry. More than anything it wasn’t age that was being constructed in different ways, but the cultures and races.

The way everything is layered makes the book look interesting and like something anyone would want to read The biggest part being the photo says a lot about history. The orange font is a color that makes people feel courageous which is a common theme in history.

Different people could interpret this cover in many different ways. The picture could say that that the native did something wrong to get the white people so angry. It could all seem to busy and cluttered, which can turn people off. It could be simple to many people with the times new roman font which could be interpreted as being boring. The main way I would have changed it would be to get rid of the testimonial on the top and to bring the white all the way up to get rid of the grey. This would create a really simple cover that isn’t boring. It could have been changed in a number of ways and each way would have a completely different effect on people.


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