My Biased Analysis of Evidence

We as humans make decisions everyday; decisions about what to wear, about what to say to someone, and about many other things. While most of these choices may seem unimportant it just shows how much our brain thinks and uses evidence.

Think about it. Just this week we were wearing short sleeves and we used this evidence to assume that we could continue on wearing short sleeves and spring clothes then bam its like winter came back. In fact I got dressed (was wearing a dress) then walked out to see this.

IMG_1760-1 IMG_1761

And just like it was predicted in the reading I felt really stupid. Past evidence gave me the idea that it would probably be a nice spring day.

Even when talking to your friends your brain uses past evidence to make educated guesses about what to say. For example you might have a joke to tell, but then using past evidence you might realize that the people you are around wouldn’t find it funny so instead of telling it you sit there quietly and laugh in your head. While you may look like a fool sitting there with a huge grin on your face you would most likely look like a bigger fool if you had told the joke that no one would have understood.

Even while reading this piece my brain used evidence to guess things.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 9.18.25 PM

Even though the words were cut in half and a little more difficult to read it was still possible. It was possible because of surrounding evidence, what are the chances those words would say anything other than “freeing us up to regard the evidence neutrally.” With context clues I was able to guess what words were about to come then see I my prediction was true or at least close, even if I wasn’t completely right it was easier to make a guess based on my prediction.

It was very interesting to read how we use evidence in our subconscious not only for small decisions but also for major ones. How easily it is to predict things based on past event and passed evidence. Even though all of this was interesting the most fascinating thing that I realized while reading was how difficult it is to change my beliefs even with evidence that is very reliable. I mean it makes a lot of sense but I guess I never realized it.


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