You Have Me Surrounded

There was not much that I took out from this reading; I don’t know if its because I was fighting a cold while reading that I seemed to wonder off trail or if I genuinely found it boring. There was one point that stood out in my mind as interesting. That was the example that Percy gives of the couple who travels to Mexico, finds themselves surrounded by Americans and fells like they haven’t gotten the full experience, but when they stumble upon the Indian village and are surrounded by natives all of a sudden its this magical thing that happens. Like all of sudden this couple is like super cultured and knows everything there is to know about Native Americans. Even though I really could rant about this example for more than four hundred words and get completely off topic I will try to get back on track.

Being immersed or surrounded by what you want to learn about can help out a lot. When learning a new language you can surround yourself with it in order to understand it in a quicker way than if you just practiced every once in a while. With that same way of thinking the couple tried to surround themselves to get an authentic experience and find something new, fun, and exciting but when they were surrounded by people like themselves it was hard to do that. While they might have still had fun they realized that they had a more original adventure when they were only around the Indians.

If you go out to have a nice dinner and you spend your dinner waiting for the waiter, eating cold food, and having everything go wrong that you could think of you would think that you wasted your money. We perceived that since we paid money to have a nice dinner we would get our food served to us in a timely manner etc. You didn’t get the experience that you expected. The same experience that the couple experienced while visiting the Native Americans. They perceived that in their travels to Mexico they would experience an authentic immersion into the culture and would later experience something special. The “it” experience. The “it “ experience that everyone hopes for in some way.

But then again how we all perceived it can be different based on many different things and this is just my perception after reading it once while I was very tired and feeling down. There are many different ways this reading could have been perceived.

The create a poll button seemed to be missing or I missed it but either way which reading did you find more accurately or interestingly described perception. Leave your choice in the comments.


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