It is hard to say where it all started. Like really I have been doing it for as long as I can remember. No, it is not breathing; it is writing. But really where did it all start. I’m sure it started first with drawing and later evolved into the writing that we do now. From crayons to pencils to pens to the laptop I’m typing on now it is crazy how much my writing format has changed. The earliest form of writing I can think of is long ago. What I remember is those paper that had the dotted lines between each line to help keep everything neat. I struggled to keep my writing neat and perfect and uniform like everyone else. Eventually I moved up in life and now it turns out we barely even write anything with pencil anymore, but thats where it started. It started with those dotted lines. The ones similar to the ones below.


Unfortunately I don’t think I ever made any funny mistakes worth documenting like this as a kid. After those dotted lines to write words we went to writing words and later sentences and later paragraphs and next essays and so on. While I was always “on track” with the rest of my class I have always felt like it has never felt comfortable to write or enjoyable.

While it has not been an enjoyable experience writing has influenced my life in many ways. Without writing communication would be very difficult if even possible. Things like texting, emailing, and writing letters would be impossible. Not only would communication through writing be impossible but it would also be difficult to communicate through speaking because of the lack of writing practice that would make it easier to create organized thoughts when speaking. On top of the everyday communication problems it would also be difficult to be involved in leisure activities. I wouldn’t be able to play scrabble or hang man or anything else. While all that may not seem to serious there are other consequences involved with nothing able to write. While at first it might not seem like that big of a deal but after a while many companies would find you under qualified for jobs. This would lead to a completely different lifestyle. Overall writing effects life in many different ways even though it may not be enjoyable.

In the near future children will not be learning to writ with crayons nor with pencils or pens but with iPads and or other tablets. Instead of having that dotted line paper there would be an app for that (I wouldn’t doubt if there already is.) While it may seem different to the current generation and generations before them it really wouldn’t be that different from how it is now. There would be similar teachings. The future generation would learn to write letters then words then sentences the paragraphs and later essays just like I did and everyone else has. Writing will always be important no matter what technologies are used to learn about writing.

On my desk I keep my laptop, my iPad, paper, and pens. The paper and pens are mostly to doodle and jot down ideas and notes. I like to keep my desk organized and clean. If theres anything out of place I get super distracted and will never get anything done.


Throughout the day I will typically carry my iPad and phone to take notes. For more precise note taking I will typically carry a notebook to keep my notes in one place. Using different methods of note taking usually helps me to remember things better because I will remember the notes or writing I did in one class based on where the notes are. While I prefer to take notes on my iPad or phone I typically retain information better when I write it out; writing things out also means I can color code which is very helpful when I review my notes. All these different methods have their own pros and cons that each person should consider when writing.

Throughout my history of writing and all the history of writing it has made life easier in many ways. It has always been someones favorite pastime and someones nemesis and it will continue to be that way for years to come no matter the technology. Everyday is a new day to learn something about writing that could improve your life and the lives of those around you.


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